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  1. Thanks almax I didn't notice. Btw spooooooooon GTAO?
  2. Well then, now that this thread is no longer work appropriate (thanks for the warning tbird, so thoughtful of you ). I concur on GTA V, and I think that when The Division is released later next year a lot of us will be getting that. Those are the only two I can think of at the moment, too hyped to think about anything but FUCKING GTAO (w00t, but god damnit wheres the PC announcement?). Yeah...
  3. Ill add ya. I get off work at 6pm PST and have a RL friend that will be joining me. He can't use TS right now, so we might have to chill in party chat for a bit till he can get a mic for his computer. Btw, free aim or assisted or whatever the other one is? I have been playing free aim but fuck controllers are a motherfucker to aim with. But it doesn't matter to me, both me and my RL friend play free aim in SP so we don't care which we play.
  4. So GTA Online comes out tomorrow. I know there is only a few of us that have it for consoles. I'm trying to get a list of all the gamer tags of the people playing. I have it on xbox and I know spoon and devil dog have it on xbox too. Let's get a list of everyone's gamer tags and PSN names so we can get together and play some GTAO tomorrow. I'll be making mine tonight when I get home from work in about 8 hours.
  5. Sucks that they haven't released the iFruit for andriod still. So, no Andriod app meaning andriod users still can't use the cool stuff and will likely be done with SP and playing MP by the time it is released making it useless for andriod users (Nice!! great tactics there Rockstar!) And, if you play on Xbox, and do not have your Xbox Live GOLD membership you WILL NOT receive ANY of the FREE (Remember this part because I will explain why I caps locked it) Rockstar Social Club stuff that they said you will get FOR FREE JUST FOR LINKING ACCOUNTS. I have read several people say that if they use a silver (FREE) XBL account they do not get any of the FREE stuff they were promised. Of all who upgraded to GOLD XBL, every one of them got their FREE stuff RIGHT AFTER upgrading to GOLD. SO how is that FREE? Free means, fucking free.... I paid 60 bucks, missed out on features that for some reason were better suited for an out of game app....... (Im not going to get started with how much of a fucking douche move this is, its the same as "like us on facebook for discounts". Fucking bullshit) and will not get ot use those features because once MP is here SP will be a thing of the past until PC. I hate when they tell you FREE when in truth it is full of shit. Oh ALL PS3 users got the RSC shit for free (PSN requires zero to play on, fucking microdicks charge 10 bucks a month LOL. How are consoles even alive, no offense to anyone who likes them but jesus christ this shit is ridiculous. I will put up with shitty ports and expensive hardware than deal with this kind of shit on the daily.).
  6. I still gotta get my XBL gamertag set up, will likely do it later on closer to Oct. 1st. But yeah, you guys are gunna have some fun.
  7. Advice from someone whos been playing since Thursday: First, get yourself a few new clean pairs of underpants. You will be shitting yourself constantly, I have already ran through my entire supply and am feeling the effects of this at work today. Second, take your time, seriously. Don't just go gung ho and go all out on the story. Take the time to really explore the city, it is a fucking masterpiece. (this is serious btw, the city is fucking amazing. Idk how they got so much life into these little shitboxes but they did lol) Third, HAVE MUTHAFUCKIN FUN!!! Tbird, who needs showers when you are playing GTA V? Just get yourself a speed stick or some cheap-o deodorant and just wipe yourself down every day. Much much less time consumed cleaning and more time playing. I have been planning this out for over a year now, dont mess with me! Spoon, that list is epic. And I can say that the list MUST BE FOLLOWED! If not, you will lose to life and GTA V, not something you want to be, a 35 year old GTA V addict for over 5 years. Once you go V, you never go back.
  8. The map is fucking huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge.
  9. 1. With nothing but a knife, see how long I can go on a massacre without killing a single cop. 2. Pick up a hooker, drive the car on train tracks, and when the train comes, bail. 3. Kill some Ballas as Franklin. 4. If you can in Single Player, Get high and drunk and hop in a sports car. 5. Jump off the tallest building I can get on ASAP with no parachute.
  10. Wait, you guys are sly about it? Sheeeeit....
  11. this was a question solely about a super combo. But I am no longer getting it.
  12. Well if you plan on waiting until the holidays. I'm a member at intel retail edge and they make 2 sales per year 1 in summer and 1 in holiday season. Last sale i bought an i7 3770k for 80$ there so if there is a deal for a cpu i might be able to hook you up. of course youll have to pay the cpu,shipping and custom fees/taxes and then shipping to your place but i still believe you'll save money . the i7 with all the fees ans shipping to my place came up to 140$ so i did save shit loads of cash. and retail edge sometimes sell mobo/cpu combos Bro, every time you post in here you make my day. I swear, this would be fucking awesome. IF you can and would, I would be willing, i7 3770k is 320 right now. So it will likely be around 250 for the holidays, so that would still be saving money. We will see when the time comes. Thanks for the offer.
  13. Just got this humble bundle, solely for Crusader Kings 2. If you like strategy games, this one's for you. Also there's a mod for it that turns it into elder scrolls lore, the mod is called Elder Kings.
  14. Good to hear, if your connection is still weak, it sounds like your wireless card is lacking. Might want to think about a new one or getting an antenna that adds to reception. I used to use one and it made quite a difference.
  15. So this week is GTA V Week at IGN. All week they are releasing info, from hands on single player info to hands on multiplayer info. Yesterday they released a video of about an hours length talking about their hands on experience with the single player. Today they released an article about the 10 craziest things they could do in GTAO. There's some really cool info in here and below is the link to the online hands on info and also the list of all links to anything GTA V Week from IGN. All i can say is damn, the online in this game sounds craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy. Online Hands On Article: http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/09/04/ ... uto-online Anything GTA V Week at IGN: http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/09/03/ ... eek-on-ign There is only a little more than 12 days left. We should get a list of everyone who plans on getting GTA V for each console too so we can know who will be playing and who can play with.