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  1. I'm gonna pick up some Corsair 1500s or 2100s because their earcups are deeper, and they use the microfiber pads to breathe easier. So +1 for comfort and +10 for digital 7.1.
  2. Unfortunately we didn't judge a book by its cover when Strife applied, hence why he is still here.
  3. The black ones look better than that SW thing.... Lights and shit.... ugh
  4. Steer clear of the Razer Kraken Pro's. Extremely uncomfortable, Razer is kinda on my shit list because of it, so I'm in the market for a new headset as well.
  5. I don't like him. His name bothers me.
  6. Open to residents of the 49 states and the district of columbia (excluding Rhode Island) FUCK Silly Canadian, free stuff is for America and the Communists.
  7. Yes, and it's horrible and sends me into fits of violent rage.
  8. I'll be on as much as possible that day, although I have 2 classes. Does this mean we can cuddle, Spoon, and touch each other, too?
  9. Hey, just cause I like a company's attention to detail and quality doesn't make me a fan boy. It makes me smart. You find something that works and stick to it, and if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Besides, I don't have a Corsair keyboard, they don't make a Mil Green one with red or orange back lights to match my setup, so the G710 does just fine. Corsair Dominator RAM = Works. Corsair H100i = works without the stock fans. Corsair AX850 PSU = works. Corsair C70 = the easiest and cleanest case I've ever built in. Corsair M65 = the most solid and comfy thing I've ever had in my hand . Stahp calling me a fan boy. Dicks. Love you.
  10. I highly recommend the Goliathus, I use one myself and it works like a dream. I'm not a fan of silky smooth mousepads, allows the mouse to move to easy on its own. The goliathus has a very nice like Tbird says, and it helps keep your small hand movements accurate and on point.
  11. I am extremely happy with my M65. It's simple and accurate. Every button has a nice tactile click, and the build quality is far above the others. It's an all aluminium frame with a nice FRP shell. Each side has a coarse grippy coating so your thumb and pinky don't slip when you lift. It also allows for some weight control, with three removable weights in the bottom. The LED is extremely subtle, for mine (mil green with the orange LED) it's perfect for seeing where your mouse is in the dark and lighting up the the on-the-fly DPi switches. The only complaint I have is the "sniper" button located on the thumb side. I have never used it because it needs to be individually programmed per game and I'm lazy. This leads me to the software, which is extremely useful and easy. For DPi you set 3 levels that you will use, a low, medium, and high. So the switches located just behind the scroll wheel have set limits. You can also set lift control, which will change the height at which your mouse will stop reading due to distance from the pad. I have mine always on the lowest setting because at 6200Dpi you hardly need to lift. The mouse is capable of 8200Dpi, but that's a little ridiculous. There are only 2 programmable buttons on thumb side, which leads me to say, if you are looking for more macros, go with the M95. It's of the same build quality, with more buttons. I have used a G500, but I always felt it lacked something, the all plastic body really made it feel light but cheap. The same can be said for most Razer mouse's, the only one of theirs I've like in a while is the Ouroboros. I'm going to stand next to my Corsair though, it's never had any problems and it feels solid. I highly suggest the mil green so we can be twinzies.
  12. This seems to be going as successful as the first attempt.
  13. I already signed up. T, are we gonna do a play day on the second?
  14. So I'm sure you've probably seen SeaNanner's videos, if not, you have something to do with your life right now. He has several funny ones playing The Hidden. And as tbird likes to say, it's like Predator the Game. One player is the hidden, that person is invisible, has super strength, uses a knife, grenades and has Aura vision (similar to heat vision but you can see people's health and location through walls so you can pick off the weakest lambs). The opposition is composed of up to 8 soldiers with a choice of Non-Lethal Stunning Paintball gun, Shotgun, Assault rifle, and submachine gun. The fights can go one of two ways; fast and deadly while the Hidden charges groups and kills as fast as possible, or slow and tactile while the Hidden picks off stragglers or weaklings. Teamwork is key for the soldiers, as if you are on your own, chances are you'll get jumped and the Hidden can cling to walls, has a slow one-hit-kill move, and is a lot faster than you. We had a game of Chubbz, Almaxkiller, Slim40, Tbird and I, and it was one of the funniest things we've ever done together. Jumping people as they tried to hide, getting blasted with a shotgun, throwing bodies and other random objects at people while being the Hidden. Or shooting teammates in the back (Chubbz), freaking out spraying everything (Chubbz), and annihilating the Hidden while being the IRIS Soldiers. I think we should definitely get everyone else in on it, and possibly a server (hint, hint Al). And I'll try to record some of the crazy shit that happens.