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  1. geeze not even a welcome back? I'm feelin the love guys. And I guess we don't play dayZ anymore?
  2. I'm finally at a point in my Marine Corps career that I'm now able to game with you guys again Also just picked up a republic of gamers laptop at the px so I can see all da pixels!!
  3. I had no idea there was such a thread. And I was definitely gonna do with for my rig cause the fan on my 6850 always made a weird noise. But I guess I waited a bit too long and it shit the bed before I had the chance :/ oh well
  4. Just throwing this out there for people that don't know about "The Mod" yet. Basically its a mount made by a guy that goes by DWood, it allows you to install a closed loop water cooling solution to a GPU instead of running an aircooling system like twinfrozr or something else. http://www.overclock.net/t/1237219/trip ... ase-badges
  5. So what's our itinerary for tomorrow? just hop on ts around 11?
  6. Hell yeah sounds kickass. Any chance of gettin that other clan to join us in PS2? We can do some mad Rocket squads like that video stheart posted
  7. Yup my first time playing was with Ze and Stheart and it wasn't that hard to pick up, we changed the whole face of the map lol Live free in the NC!
  8. Last time I was there for nearly 15 because some kid passed out at the sight of his own blood lol I was pissed but I at least got to sleep and watch a shit ton of action movies.
  9. yeah no joke, hope to have some fun rounds with you guys here soon to make up for all of this crap Lol
  10. Got a call from my recruiter Sunday night(night before my ship date). Apparently when I was sick with mono and strep B my medical docs weren't completely in order. This presents us with good news and bad news. Good news: I get to play games with you guys for a bit longer Bad news(ish): My enlistment was pushed back until April at the earliest while I go through the bullshit waiver process that the Military uses(kiss a lot of ass, hurry up to get somewhere just to wait for 10 hrs on 2nd Lt doodlefucks to sign some paper about how he thinks I'm good to go, then head back to Moment of Truth in Columbia Sc to prove I can still piss straight and that I'm not one of the FBI's most wanted. Then I get to head back to MEPS in Charlotte to hear some 50 year old retired Navy Doc tell me to bend over and spread em again... Hooray!! /sarcasm) So fun times had by all!!
  11. sweet, ill put a 2x2 on meh truck ill have to paypal you before I ship so pm me with some info like pricing and the whatnots
  12. Back When I was only a wee DayZ Bambie, Me and a buddy decided to risk it all (we had winchesters AND a map lol) by heading North to the big airfield(we had no idea that was even up there til we found the map.) So we are headed through the woods and fields and more woods and more fields, til we reached stary sobor(completely by accident). We stumbled through the different tents and got completely lost in all of the glorious loot, we actually found an AKM and M4! Holy Crap! lol Any way, after we noobed our way around and had little nerdgasms all over each other, we decided we had all that we could afford to loot, given that we had been there for over 30 minutes in a 20 person server. So we push on, venturing deep into the wilderness up North. we bumbled our way across the land, making sure to stop and wait, and listen before entering any towns. We gasp as a hangar finally comes into view( we were just to the north north-east of the airfield.) He goes first, coming in from the left hangar as i moved around the back near the right hangar. And just as i move into the first hangar door on my side, he yells over our Vent server, "holy shit get down!!" so I sprint to the rear of the hangar, my heart beating like crazy, and a smoke grenade comes flying into the hangar. next thing i know, at least thirty or more zombies go running by the hangar door after the smoker. then, i hear *pop. pop. pop. pop. pop. * and zeds start hitting the deck one after the other. That was the first time I had ever heard a sniper rifle being fired in my direction. after most of the biters were dead, my friend says he is gonna make a run for the woods. He starts out of the door in a mad dash for his life just as two shots ring out, falling short by about 2m from his head. right when I hear the first shot I take off running in the opposite direction, knowing that the camping sniper was looking the other way. I make my way up the fire station and laid in wait, still unseen and undetected. I hear the rustle of footsteps above me and i start to creep up the stairwell. just as he puts his binoculars to his face I put two in his chest and a full magazine into the back of his head, making my very first bandit kill!! after that we wanted nothing more of the NWAF so we hightailed it to bambie-land in the south. just as we cross the balota airfield, he decides he wanted to check that one out too, bc nobody would possibly be there cause of how few players were online( about 10-15 at this time.) so we do the same maneuver as before, but just as he walks into the left hand hangar, he sees a player with the same kit as me. thinking I was still next to him, he talks about how we should split up. this confused the shit out of me thinking that he was on the other side of the base, next thing I know, he gets killed and is cussing me out over vent lol he thought that was me the whole time and thought that i had killed him for some reason. After I explan what happened I set out to kill te bastard that took the life of my dear friend. and this is what happened... [youtube=]ow7d5CNc2Js Nothing too crazy but this was pretty hardcore given that we had been 100% friendly up tho this point lol so excuse all noobishness
  13. lol i'll have to devise a plan to use those glasses with the mini screens in 'em while I walk around the warehouse, I'd be the most unproductive mother fucker ever
  14. well usually I'm just doing ABCD to wait till I can E again.
  15. Its hard to be motivated when I play so much Far Cry 3 lol I'll probably hop on the servers next weekend or maybe sometime this week, who knows? plus I gotta start my training for the USMC soon :/