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  1. Hey guys, I'm hoping to generate some interest in doing in house stuff again routinely. I remember how much fun we had doing in house Siege, Nosgoth, Rocket League, etc. and I think we could have a lot of fun doing it Saturday nights or something, or even every other week. We all own a lot of the same games, or there are plenty of cheap games we could try to. Some potentially fun in house games I think we could try besides Siege are: Blackwake, Insurgency, Quake Champions, Titanfall 2, For Honor, Star Craft 2, Overwatch, and Heroes of the Storm.
  2. Hardcore Hanar four Mass Effect: Andromeda Krogan pounds Ryder
  3. list is stupid, but add me to 1 i guess.
  4. I'm gonna be that guy, I wouldn't mind The Division
  5. I do Network management, Telephone/Telephone switch management, and Tech. control(management of long-haul circuits) for the United States Air Force, but the main thing I'm best at is NetMan. Unfortunately, being in the military means a lot of people in my career field don't understand it. Examples- Many don't understand the difference between MBps and Mbps, as well as the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit for OS. Recently, the supposed "best" netman person at my rank didn't even know what alt + F4 did or what system 32 was......
  6. What does being Christian have anything to do with this? I'm pretty sure the US wasn't involved in the crusades, but I think I'll have to look it for you. You have yet to recognize that a single good thing the US or any American has done in recent times, and if you really believe that no good has come from the US at all, then I really do feel sorry for you. I don't know how many times i can tell you how close minded you're being. I never once said the US was the best and if you payed any attention to anything I have previously said you would see that. You clearly have a problem understanding history and religion, you should really read up on it more. For you to claim that much of the bad is because of Christians is wayyyyyy off base. Your clear disrespect to Americans and Christians as a whole is unwarranted. You may have a problem against specific people, but the general hatred of both you seem to have is crazy. Your method of arguing/debating is bad at best, pathetic at worst. When you begin to open up and actually pay attention and understand things that aren't just your point of view, you might get out of your shell of madness and hatred.
  7. If you think the US has done no good in the recent years you are clearly mistaken. I personally don't understand your ignorance at looking at the whole picture and all the facts instead of the select ones that suit your own personal opinion. You say that the whole world hates us however you have no factual or personal evidence to show that to be true. Yes we have problems, and many do dislike the US, but not all and in fact a lot love the US for what we have done for them and world. Your ignorance is actually astounding and quite embarrassing I would imagine. Clearly you don't see the pros and cons, just the cons, which make you quite pessimistic and dare I say mentally and emotionally challenged for your lack of recognizing all points of view except your own, especially in such a negative light. This whole attack on your grammar nazi attack is a never ending attack because clearly you attacked first with your attack that I then attacked back with, which evidently came with a retaliatory attack from you. Back to all seriousness, as you can see I have acknowledged both the problems and good things that are coming from modern US, but you have yet to say that any good has come from the US in any recent times. For you to say I am not approaching this logically is false, because I actually look at both views. You say my "naivety" is what will doom the country is wrong, how am I being naive if i recognize the good and bad, unlike you who chooses to ignore any good and only think bad? I don't know how I would do personal attacks because I don't know you personally, which I'm pretty thankful for because I already know enough people that are pretty close minded.
  8. If you payed attention to even more of my original argument, you would see that I don't think the US is the best, and that it has a lot of bad to it, just like everywhere else, but for you and others to ignore all the good just because of our worst problems is as bad as ignoring all the problems and acknowledging all the good. *The first sign you know someone is running out of logical arguments, trying to correct grammar in an internet argument on forum postings *
  9. If you payed attention to the argument in said video and what I said, I agree this generation particularly sucks, however I'm a little confused as to how you think the US is quickly becoming the worst. Is it because you think every American is arrogant and that so many look down us that makes us the worst? if so youre ratings for best and worst are a little off, personally I don't know how you could say living in America is worse then living in lets say Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea, or any number of countries in Africa. The funny thing about youre list of inventions is that youre purposely ignoring any technological advances we have made in the past 2 decades. Revolutionized society? Computers/internet have done so in the way writing and books first did. How about medical and space advances we have made? You need to actively and acknowledge things when they are in plain sight, because that sort of attitude is what makes people think all Americans are naive and arrogant. Yes i agree people suck, and things have sucked alot lately, however to say America and some of its people aren't doing great things is a complete and utter ignorant thought that puts you way behind in understanding the US and the world as a whole.
  10. I believe with alot of the first half of his explanation, particularly being apart of this generation, however America was never this all great "moral high ground", at least not much better than we are today, and in many cases, far far worse. This isn't to say that America hasn't done very good or very bad, because it has in both areas, but so has EVERY other country, governing body, and group of people, no one is perfect. And to say that in the present day America that we aren't discovering and inventing new and better things is completely wrong, they're are so so many things that have been done and created through out all modern day America and the world. I agree that America isn't the best country, however you'd be hard pressed to name another country that is actually the "best". Every country has their share of ups and downs, with many of the industrialized countries typically having the better factor of choice, however saying any country is best is just pure wrong, there is no true factual material that says one area is the best in all ways of life, every country differs and its just a matter of opinion. Our present time sucks in America, but it has in many other times as well in every country. Basically, people do a great deal of bad and a great deal of good, no matter what country or time period. People need to stop assuming that Americans believe align themselves with one of the several preconceived "American" ideologies, because no one person agrees or lives their life 100% the same as someone else, regardless of what nationality they are. TL DR; life has its great ups and horrible downs, and you don't have to be in America to have either of those extremes
  11. My vote is for whichever has the more violent, fast fans.... better to stick your penis into so you can get as many cuts as possible
  12. ISP: LGu + Price per month: DSL internet bundled with 4G phone service unlimited everything = $110 Speed I'm paying for: up to 100Mbps What I'm getting at time of test: *Cue raging boner at everyone's shiternet compared to mine*
  13. Put me in for Red Faction +DLC , Im rolling the number 4
  14. I in no way endorse blatent disrespect nor serious death wishes, however her explanination on how she wanted spoon to die in the original thread was very lul worthy
  15. I want raspberry..... uhhhhhh Blue please! ... I want blueeeeee.....
  16. what kind of ice cream do you prefer, blue or purple?
  17. hes not in the ermy!! hes gonna be in the marines!!!! good luck bro!
  18. As requested by Tbird and evil.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dnj_jOo02-U
  19. Its an RTS Nick! RTS = " turn-based strategy" right?!
  20. Thanks guys, really appreciate it!
  21. Another one is Fast and Furious!
  22. Deep Impact http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_Impact_%28film%29
  23. My list (not in any particular order) Assassin's Creed 3 Dishonored Watch Dogs The Last of Us MoH: Warfighter Borderlands 2 Guild Wars 2 Bioshock Infinite CoD: Black Ops 2 *sigh* I know... Resident Evil 6 Dead Space 3 Aliens: Colonial Marines *Command and Conquer: Generals 2 etc. prolly more games I can't think of right now
  24. Anyone out there playing SC2? I know Toast and Nomad both have it and are playing, but more people playing would be pretty awesome.
  25. faaaaaayyyyyygetttt