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  1. Good bye george!
  2. I will give it a try tomorrow when I return home @ late night EST. I am currently not home and do not have ts or arma 3 installed here, and the results could be completely different.
  3. I will not be online tonight, and thanks to George he gave me tip to try a VPN and that solved the issue for temporary till this is solved. I will be on again mid-day tomorrow.
  4. agile-support@internap.com 9:55 AM (8 minutes ago) to me Hi Ranith, I'm not seeing an issue on our network at the moment. See the below two traces, the first was initiated in New York and the second in Ashburn. Please reach out to volumedrive for further assistance. genesis:~ nj$ traceroute traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets 1 ( 0.558 ms 0.343 ms 0.335 ms 2 v21.esr1.lga4.us.voxel.net ( 2.328 ms 1.916 ms 2.160 ms 3 109.te8-4.tsr1.lga5.us.voxel.net ( 1.635 ms 12.276 ms 1.612 ms 4 0.ae59.tsr1.lga3.us.voxel.net ( 1.787 ms 1.844 ms 1.831 ms 5 vl0015.gwy03.sctn01.hostnoc.net ( 7.928 ms 8.029 ms 7.968 ms 6 xe1-01.gwy02.sctn01.hostnoc.net ( 8.169 ms 7.964 ms 8.035 ms 7 core.sctn02.volumedrive.com ( 8.121 ms 8.053 ms 7.894 ms 8 * * * 9 * * * traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets 1 border7.gi4-1-servlan.wdc002.pnap.net ( 0.463 ms 0.377 ms 0.360 ms 2 core2.te5-1-bbnet1.wdc002.pnap.net ( 0.742 ms 0.872 ms core2.te5-2-bbnet2.wdc002.pnap.net ( 0.748 ms 3 15.te1-3.tsr2.iad1.us.voxel.net ( 0.354 ms 0.931 ms 0.291 ms 4 0.te1-3.tsr1.ewr4.us.voxel.net ( 5.378 ms 5.246 ms 5.261 ms 5 0.te1-1.tsr1.lga5.us.voxel.net ( 12.569 ms 5.771 ms 5.848 ms 6 0.ae59.tsr1.lga3.us.voxel.net ( 5.915 ms 5.926 ms 5.921 ms 7 * * * 8 xe1-01.gwy02.sctn01.hostnoc.net ( 17.297 ms 17.292 ms 17.223 ms 9 core.sctn02.volumedrive.com ( 17.297 ms 17.286 ms 17.244 ms 10 * * * 11 * * *
  5. Thanks sent the email to their support...
  6. not really helpful dex, anyway I did a trace...
  7. Stratis life server is appearing offline with a red X and TS is not connecting, I connected last night just fine. <22:54:06> Trying to resolve hostname ts3.nsaclan.com <22:54:11> Trying to connect to server on ts3.nsaclan.com <22:54:16> Failed to connect to server <22:56:50> Trying to connect to server on <22:56:56> Failed to connect to server
  8. (Sections marked with * are required) *Name: Strazyplus Steam ID: Strazytski Battlelog ID: Strazytski Other (give the ID and what it belongs to): Strazy Where are you from: USA, Maryland *Age: 23 *What platform(s) do you play on? (PC, PS3, XBOX): PC *Are you able to use Teamspeak 3 while in game? yes *[XBOX/PS3 Only] In Game Microphone (Yes/No): yes *Why should you be accepted into NSA: Been playing Arma 2 for some time, and has been enjoying the gameplay provided by Ace and Arce. I am not the best shooter but I been and am interested in realism/tactical play, I never played these "life" role-playing/RPG servers in Arma believing they were unorganized mess, and just a shooting fest and complaining. I see the shooting fest and complaining but is not too bad, and it seems server is well organized with the police and would be interested to be part of it. I am interested in this as it is slightly different from what I experience in United Operations. I feel it can be just as or more tactical or realistic fun for me. *How did you hear about us: gave your server a try on ARMA3