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  1. Mother feck.
  2. I have to concur with others. The chatbox time-out thing is a little annoying. Is there any way to select/deselect its use?
  3. There is definitely a way to deal with them. You can get killed doing the metro glitch...and i just respond in kind to whatever they're doing...
  4. I've put up a couple rules in the description. Basically, team balancing in effect when the admins are on, and players are subject to kick to make room for members. I also have a "No-Strike Policy" for the air vehicle ramming thing. They get a fair enough warning when they read the rules.
  5. I wanna play with your Twitter until you Google all over my Facebook.
  6. I should have specified on the server description. It basically means no vehicle ramming by air vehicles to another air vehicle. To me, nothing is more frustrating than when you're going to get a kill on something, or defend an objective, and you have some jerkoff fly his plan into you, just so that you're out of the sky. To me it's cowardly, and NOT how the game should be played. Don't get it twisted, I'm all for trolling, but this is not trolling. It's just being a dumbass in general, and as long as the server has my name on it, it won't be allowed.
  7. I'm thinking that "y" means yes, my friend.
  8. On the contrary. I went 98-42 on metro thanks to that glitch. There is a small section just above the concrete bar above the cluster fuck stairs where bullets will penetrate (heh heh penetrate) and you can get some mega kills. Also, there are two spots that you can capture objectives from. One by bravo and one by charlie.
  9. There is soooo much control lag in it...but still fun, nonetheless..
  10. Excellent buddeh.
  11. Mineh....could you edit mine a little bit? Something different with the font and use the phrase, "Boldly trolling where no one has trolled before". I would really appreciate it.
  12. It's final then? New server banner is the bottom one?
  13. Agree.
  14. I haven't played this one in quite a long time. I recently re-downloaded it and am looking forward to getting back into it. It has a steep learning curve. (Unlike BF3 where any nub can pick it up and play.) I would like to get some of you guys together and roll squads on it, so that we may cross game together. If you have any tricks/tips/tactics, please post them here and we will get started.
  15. Is there a way that we can post gifs and images in the chatbox? I miss that...
  16. Yeah. Usually it's your NAT type. I'm guessing yours was set to closed or moderate. Try resetting your modem and then your router. This usually solves the problem.
  17. To Whom It May Concern I have just been informed, by not only my phone, but also my home computer that my IP address is banned. Normally I would find no issue with this had i done something wrong. But to the extent of my knowledge my only crime is being associated with Spoon. This seems to be a recurring issue with some asshats within this clan. I realize I have only been a member maybe a month at the most. I feel I was welcomed warmly and considered a friend by those I have played with in these past weeks. I have spent what I believe as an acceptable amount of time on the message boards and in the "field", participating when I can. I have even gone as far as applying for Xbox Council. Up until this point I have had a pleasurable experience with LCS. Even with what seemed to be a rocky patch when I first joined. That being said I would like to bring to your attention a large flaw within your so called “democracy”. There have been numerous issues within my time of being a member, that could have been easily avoided, or resolved, that were never brought to a democratic discussion. Instead these issues were handled much like a crying infant is by Casey Anthony (this being a lady that killed her child and due to the shitty legal system in the states got off free and clear). A further example, that I was privy to be part of, would be the banning/unbanning of Thugboat. Though I had no part in whatever issue there was there, I kept up with many of the arguments that were displayed on both sides of the story. Arguments may not be the correct term because it was more of a bickering between tomcats with all the hissing and screeching. This was all egged on by what can only be described as a clan “founder”. When the voting thread actually became available, yet another argument was started over the issue to which I replied with a “This is only the vote, there is another thread for this discussion”. Upon my next login I was being berated on the grounds that this clan was a “democracy and this was the exact purpose for the boards”. This example is just one of many that denotes the cavalier attitude held by a higher echelon member that believes he has been bestowed with all mighty power but attempts to hide behind what he considers a democracy. These acts are reminiscent of what many of us were taught concerning Adolf Hitler and Germany. It occurs to me that we all joined the clan under the guise of having similar gaming ideals and values. There are numerous members that can readily agree with the statement. The rules as laid out were very similar to those of a kitchen employee. Talk shit, have fun, but when all is said and done, realize that we are all one team, and back each other up. These values are what TRUE democracy was built on. It is complete and utter recklessness to hold a double standard amongst Members/Council/Founders. To patronize someone based on the fact that they do not agree with you is absurd. To abuse your administrative powers and disbar someone because they don’t agree with you is thoroughly inconceivable in my eyes. To the members I have been associated with, Thank you for the great gameplay. L10N-0 interactions with you have been comedy and I harbor no ill will. Nor do I with Founders or Council that I haven’t had interactions with. Sneakback you sir are a condescending, two-faced, horse humping, son of a whore. Your moral compass is on par with that of a coked out concubine living in a brothel in a third world country. Your blatant misuse of power and dysfunctional thought process has led me to depart from LCS All this being said, to the other Founders and remaining xBox Council, I respectfully request that I be removed from the Clan and the forums. It has been a pleasure and hopefully I will see many of you on the battle field.
  18. yeah, but.... i got nothin to rebute with, except this...
  19. Welcome, my friend. You will be accepted. BTW...you'll never get my tags...
  20. (Sections marked with * are required) *Name:Spoon *Gamertag:iSpccn Where are you from:Good ole Iowa *Age:30 *Are you able to use Teamspeak 3 while in game?:Working on the integration of my xbox/ps3 and teamspeak *In Game Microphone (Yes/No):Yes *Why should you be accepted into NSA:As a recent member of a clan that is falling apart at the seams, I feel that my contribution to NSA could be one that I would contribute to ACTUAL democracy. Not a facade that is ultimately a dictatorship. Tell us a little bit about yourself: I was a council member in LCS. I backed down due to personal issues, and a little bit contributed to the bs in that clan. I back my friends no matter their play.
  21. Assholes... I love you both...