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    I think that is for when you are playing with your other joystick.
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    You play on PC and PS4, but dont have a PSN, Battlelog, or steam ID?
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    i gave him a smack across the back of the head. (dont worry hes 16 so im fucken allowed to)
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    Hello Everybody, So I thought that this might be a good way to raise funds for the community and use those funds to help fund the community and if it works we can use the funds it raises to - Buy Games for giveaways/events, Buy Games for community members in need, buy PC components for giveaways/events, and more. Here is how: Use this link (https://www.g2a.com/r/nsa) to purchase the games that you would normally purchase elsewhere. Not only will you save some money on the games you want to get anyways, you will also earn the community some cash. If everybody in the community uses this link to purchase their games we will easily raise over $100 per new game release. Also, feel free to use that link to purchase games for other people in the community if you are going to. Most (if not all) games on there get you the CD-Key (look for the CD-Key image when hovering over the game tile) instead of having to be linked to your account, so you can just share that key with whoever you want to get the game for! AND if you purchase games through that link and become part of the "team" and create your own selling account and share your own link with others, you earn money and the community ALSO earns a portion of the money. Thank you all who use this. Almax Click here to view the article
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    Hey guys, I'm hoping to generate some interest in doing in house stuff again routinely. I remember how much fun we had doing in house Siege, Nosgoth, Rocket League, etc. and I think we could have a lot of fun doing it Saturday nights or something, or even every other week. We all own a lot of the same games, or there are plenty of cheap games we could try to. Some potentially fun in house games I think we could try besides Siege are: Blackwake, Insurgency, Quake Champions, Titanfall 2, For Honor, Star Craft 2, Overwatch, and Heroes of the Storm.
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    @Minidoom Do it! Do it NOW!!!
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    Ive started hosting a new ftb infinity evolved server, if anyone is interested in playing the server just let me know so i can keep it running. server ip:
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    Yeah @Minidoom , we ever going to do this?
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    Ghost Recon Wildlands Open World Military Take Down the Cartel
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    Who Is Your Daddy? Suicidal Baby Fun It Sucks To Be Dad
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    Welcome to the community. Who isn't a little crazy?
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    Would you guys like a TS3 Spotify Bot? Basically what I can do is set up a Spotify Bot that would reside on a TS channel and then create a spotify playlist that is public and make it collaborative so that we could all add music to the bot to play. The bot would reside in a Music channel, and at the request of other players, a leader or advisor could pull it into the channel that they are in to listen to the same music while they play. Thoughts?
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    Do you need it so you can put it in your catalogue?
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    The Home Page progression of NSA. If you would like to see more of our sites of the past, check out the Wayback Machine. There you can click around on our sites of the past and see what was going on back then.
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    >colour what are you gay? I already know the answer...
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    My name is Spleege and I like to rhyme. CSGO with me, and we'll have a good time
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    we should have an inhouse game, I think that would be a good change up in games (even though I know that everyone is currently focused on overwatch).
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    http://imgur.com/vHVxYSc On my phone and idk what the tag is lol http://imgur.com/vHVxYSc[/IMG]. ??
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    I vote for this for the new logo.
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    Hello all, The first item, Create a backup VOIP, is complete and released. The backup VOIP is Discord. Click here to view the page to join our Discord server and information on how to get a role assigned. For now I urge that we only use it for times when TS3 is down, but later I do expect that we will be having a conversation on whether or not we want to make it our primary and use TS3 as the backup. I plan to have us use it for a few events here and there to gauge what we all think about it. It has some cool features like automatic game detection (will say what you are playing), a built in overlay, notifications, a persistent text/image/gif/video chat, and support for iPhone (Free App), Android (Free App), In-Browser, and download. They are currently working on adding screen sharing/streaming (think Skype) as well. If you want to check it out and download the app, click here.
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    Some people are currently experiencing problems with teamspeak where they can't see users in other channels. To fix this right click on the channel and select 'Subscribe to Channel'. You will have to do this to all channels that don't have a check mark beside them.
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    While you nerds are gaming, I'm going to be ringing in the New Year with a random. Best wishes, Spoon
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    BF4 Battlepack PC giveaway: http://splur.gy/r/gMxPJ/r/2TxGXskCPNd
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    You forget, the poor old bastard is senile, he probably forgot about posting the first one and made a second
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    Why are there two announcements? Are you retarded?
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    It is missing something like: 6. TBird is senile...you may need to repeat yourself often or explain a topic with pictures
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    I always thought you were a little british girl regs...hmmmm inb4 people post 120 "........"
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    No worries...I went ahead and redid the applications. They are now required to place an answer for game ID's and they now have to write at least 120 characters in the "Tell us a little about yourself" section. Also, I added the rule that if they post an incomplete or inappropriate application they will be demoted here and banned on TS until they reapply at which point we will reevaluate their application and determine if the ban and demotion should be removed.
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    It was...but then these people come on and post 0 content applications.
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    Hey hey, get your own brohole ZeMeister, he's taken.
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    The only time I'm uptight is when my dick is up your tight ass Empire
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    Nowhere on there does it state that someone can loot me with a fuckin shovel. :3
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    Use the link below to save on your purchase of GTA V and help the community out at the same time. https://www.g2a.com/r/nsa-gta-v Click here to view the article
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    dat formatting doe
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    Hey dank, where is Wisconsin are you from?
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    Here is how I look at it. Lets say I pay $169 on a 2 TB HDD and it fails in 2 years. I am now out of $169 and if I did not back up my data, all of my data as well. On the other hand I pay $89.99 for a 1TB HDD from the same company and get 2 of them, so yes I pay a little more over all. One fails in 2 years and the other never fails on me for the length of my build. Then I am only out $89.99 and half my data if I did not backup or have a RAID setup. The second option sounds way better to me than the first. Mind you (knock on 1000 pieces of wood) I have never had a hard drive failure in a system I have built. Really the best setup would be to buy 3 1TB HDD's, put them in RAID-5. You then have 2TB of disk space, and have parity (for those who don't know - basically a built in backup, if one drive fails you don't lose your data). With that you would pay $60-$90 more than one 2 TB HDD, but would not have to worry about manual backups where you would need another 2 TB HDD anyways, so really you would be saving about $100. Also, I find that article you posted to be somewhat misleading in its representation of data Ze, but it does also show that typically higher disk space does mean higher chance for failure.
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    "girlfriend" we all know you just put some lipstick on your hand
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    Just like your bedsheets?
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    You said it yourself, Little Faggot
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    Small sub-forum for senior members?... seeing as so far spoon and I will be the only ones and we were founders
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    Is there a way to highlight unread recent topics al? I think that would be a good addition if you can do er'
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    They have been gathering info on US citizens and highly used ISPs in other countries for a long long time. It will not stop and as tbird said it could only get worse. But, I neither agree or disagree with what they are doing. We ask the government to protect us, yet we don't want them spying. Well sadly we live in a time where a country is not inhabited by only those from that country. We are so mixed ethnically and religiously that there is no way to say "In America we will never get hit by someone in America, only if they came across the sea". The logical steps to take would be to tap peoples phones and internet as that is the means of communication. I don't think they even use that info to catch big time drug dealers and use it only or gathering information on people searching things on the internet that relates to causing terror on America. There are HUGE drug dealers around that never get caught, yet they have been collecting info on these people for quite some time. I don't think the PRISM data mining program is as invasive on your privacy as most think. Plus, what are we going to do about it? All they have to do is claim Marshall Law and the country is ruled by the Military. The American Government has set itself up perfectly to negate any revolutions and civilian uprisings. We can barely even rally and protest without being under heavy surveillance by Riot police. Americas government does everything it can to keep the threads of its finely knitted quilt from unraveling. If we want protection, we have to give up some of our rights, or at least parts of our rights.