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New Donator Options

Hello all,Starting today there are options to expand your Donator options to include more goodies for you. Below are the Edition options that you w...

Webserver Undergoing Upgrades

Web Host upgrading servers to increase capacity: PLEASE READ FOR DETAILS AND KNOWN DOWNTIME.

Memorial Weekend Cluster Fuck!

Tbird and Slim invite you to play some games. We will be on as long as we can between 8am Sunday and 8am Monday! Woot!

Tbird Is Unemployed!!

Celebrate with Tbird as he transitions from being a notable, useful, hardworking member of society into being a incorrigible drunk... at least for...


Happy Birthday Minidoom, Spam008,Dankasaurus, and Spam_Pimp!

Shoutbox to go here? Thoughts?

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NSA Assessment Survey Results and Plans

News and Announcements 10 Apr 2016
Hello all,   As NSA was founded on the principal of being open and allowing all members to be a part of the decision process, I would like to share the survey results and a plan for going forward. Yesterday marked the final day of our assessment survey, and I will admit I am pretty happy wit...
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That moment when you realize...

News and Announcements 29 Apr 2016
That moment when you realize that our group has officially out lasted the clan that we left due to its leadership issues, the clan that said our group would be dead in a year.  Well they lasted for 3 years (Mid 2011 - Feb 2014) and we will have been going for 4 years (2012 - ????) come June...
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Rainbow 6 Seige: Operation dust line

Gaming News 24 Apr 2016
Sticky cameras!!!!! Week of May 9th!!! Nuf said. If you are looking for more.... https://www.trueachi...e-operators.htm
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I'm Here, Testing the Waters

Introductions 22 Apr 2016
 Real First Name:    Nicholas  Steam Name (what players see your name is in game/on their friends list):    Zhock Trooper  Battlelog Name (what others see your name is in game):    Question not replied  Other (give the ID and what i...
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Gaming Night

General Discussions 27 Mar 2016
Hey guys, I was thinking that we should set up a community play date where we can all agree on a game (or a few games) to play and have a night full of drunken fun with everyone from the community. I feel like this is long overdue and would help promote some more activity between everyone.  ...
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      06 Mar

    If Mini fucks Ze in the ass... Does Antalo join?

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      24 Jun

    Icantoclast is a fag

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  • Admins of shut down World of War...

    Could spell good news for official legacy servers The developers of a legacy World of Warcraft server that has drawn tremendous fan support since...

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  • Elite Dangerous expansions comin...

    Q2 2016 launch pegged for Horizons and The Engineers Elite Dangerous: Horizons, the latest season of expansions for the spaceflight-and-combat ga...

    Viewed 3 times Today, 12:20 PM
  • Star Wars Battlefront celebrates...

    Feel the 4th around you ... May the 4th (also known as Cinco de Mayo Eve) is unofficially "Star Wars Day" and Electronic Arts will celebrate it w...

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  • Call of Duty hype vid introduces...

    Whoever the 'Settlement Defense Front' is, they sound pissed A hype video for Call of Duty's next game is up on Facebook, Twitch and YouTube righ...

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  • Splatoon's Squid Sisters are...

    The duo arrive in July The newest amiibo are the Squid Sisters from Splatoon, Callie and Marie, and they hit stores July 8, Nintendo announced th...

    Viewed 4 times Yesterday, 11:09 AM
  • See gameplay from 1666: Amsterda...

    Rights to the project reverted to Patrice Desilets this week, but it is not in development Footage of 1666: Amsterdam, which was to have been the...

    Viewed 5 times Yesterday, 08:30 AM

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New Donator Options

Jul 02 2015 09:42 AM | almaxkiller in Home Articles

Hello all, Starting today there are options to expand your Donator options to include more goodies for you. Below are the Edition options that you will be presented with when you enroll in a Donator subscription.The Shavers Edition - This edition is a...

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Webserver Undergoing Upgrades

May 28 2015 11:42 PM | tbird83ii in Home Articles

Hey Guys,
I learned last night that our web host will be performing upgrades to their servers throughout the weekend. This means that periodically our website and teamspeak will be unavailable.

Please check below to see if the server is down:

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Memorial Weekend Cluster Fuck!

May 21 2015 02:32 PM | tbird83ii in Home Articles

Tbird and Slim invite you to play some games. We will be on as long as we can between 8am Sunday and 8am Monday! Woot!

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Tbird Is Unemployed!!

May 18 2015 02:55 PM | tbird83ii in Home Articles

Tbird quit is job! So for the next week, he will basically be a bum (like KENNY) and playing games all day!

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May 16 2015 12:04 PM | tbird83ii in Home Articles

Happy Birthday to our members with birthday's this week!

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[COMPLETE] TS3 Server Maintenance 5/2/2015 Star...

May 02 2015 01:09 AM | almaxkiller in Home Articles

Hello all, As part of our preparations for our new NSA site, our TS3 server (yes TEAMSPEAK) will be undergoing maintenance starting at approximately 11AM CDT today, 5/2/2015. There will likely be extended and/or frequent outages while this maintenance...

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Happy Birthday you Sluts!

Feb 24 2015 09:44 AM | tbird83ii in Home Articles

Join us this weekend to celebrate Empire and RedFox's birthdays!

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ARMA 3 Mission Server is Live

Feb 22 2015 06:05 AM | almaxkiller in Home Articles

Our ARMA 3 Mission Server is now running. The name of the server is "[NSA] Never Stand Alone Mission Server | |". For the time being you will need to contact either TBird83ii or almaxkiller to have a mission file added t...

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[FIXED]Minecraft Server

Jan 12 2015 11:28 PM | tbird83ii in Home Articles

Our Minecraft server is now back up and operational.

Make sure you have FTB Monster installed, and your version is set to 1.1.2.

From here on out on the server OP shall be given out on a limited basis.

Thank you for your patience.

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Happy Birthday you Magnificent Bastards!

Jan 13 2015 04:31 PM | tbird83ii in Home Articles

Sthearts Birthday is the 13th, Yamaha's is the 19th. Wish it tooo them REAL good.

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